You change your shirt every day. You buy new shoes once a year—or maybe sooner. But there’s one thing you wear forever and never wash. And that’s your watch. A man’s jewelry often gets overlooked. On a daily basis, your watch picks up grime such as dead skin, oil, water, soap (if you shower with it) sweat, and sometimes food particles.  We see this type of grime often when we refurbish or repair watches.

In this article, we would like to show you a few simple tips that will take two minutes of your valuable time to make that timepiece on your wrist look brand new!! We recommend you repeat this once a month if the watch is constantly on your wrist daily.

Firstly it is important to note that you need to take extreme precautions regarding the following cleaning method if your watch isn’t water resistant or a vintage piece. Even if your vintage timepiece is water resistant, aging might have caused it to lose its water resistance.


    • Old toothbrush
    • Small bowl
    • Antibacterial soap
    • Washing Cloth (if you wish)
    • Drying cloth

1.) Throw some lukewarm water into the bowl along with a small amount of the antibacterial soap solution.

2.) Then if you can remove your watch strap from the casing, do so now.


3.) Carefully drop the bracelet into the soapy water for about 20 seconds.

4.) Take it out, and gently start scrubbing it with a clean, damp toothbrush, and don’t forget to get into the crevices.

5.) Once you are satisfied that you got all over with the toothbrush, then dip it into the warm water again to rinse it off.

6.) Pat it dry with the cloth.

7.) Now make sure the crown is fully turned into the case to ensure water tightness

8.) Carefully submerge the watch case into the water and take it out after a few seconds.

9) Repeat the process with the toothbrush by gently brushing the case in a circular motion. Make sure you get into all the tight spots underneath the bezel and in between the lugs.

10.) Dip the case back into the water for a quick rinse.

11.) Lastly, pat it dry with a soft cloth.


Now assemble your watch and it should be looking like a new sixpence!

We recommend the following basic care: A Nightly wipe-down

It will take a few minutes before getting into bed every night. With a soft, clean cloth, wipe the inside of the strap as well as the around the case back. This will help to remove any liquid, moisture, or any lotion build-up that occurred during general wear throughout the day.

IF YOU HAVE A LEATHER STRAP, then we recommend the following procedure: Like with your skin, the key here is that you want your leather to stay clean and conditioned. For this, we suggest a proper leather lotion care kit that is made to clean and protect.

NB: If you choose to use these types of products, you have to make sure they are allergy tested and that they don’t discolor the strap.

In other words, cleaning your watch shouldn’t cause a rash on your wrist, or change your brown leather strap to black. Also, if you wear a watch or bracelet made of unfinished leather, pay extra attention to the directions, because not all products work for unfinished hides.



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