The Value of Box and Papers when selling a watch!

When it comes to selling a luxury watch, the box and papers that come with it may be as valuable as the timepiece itself. Many buyers often ask for watch box and papers to confirm its authenticity and condition before finalizing the purchase. Having these documents can significantly affect the final sale value of your watch. Here are a few reasons why:
1. Authenticity Confirmation
With the rise of counterfeit watches, buyers of luxury watches now place a high value on verifying the authenticity of the timepiece. Original box and papers serve as proof that a watch is not counterfeit and that it has not been stolen, making buyers more comfortable with making significant investments.
2. Evidence of Care and Maintenance
Keeping the box and papers of your luxury watch can also serve as an indication that you have taken good care of the timepiece and regularly serviced it. Watches that come with proper documentation and have received periodic maintenance will often command a more significant resale value, as buyers are confident that they are buying a watch that is in top condition.
3. Proof of Ownership
Watches often hold sentimental value to owners, and with the box and papers, you can prove that the timepiece belongs to you fully. Without proper paperwork, a buyer might think that the watch is stolen, which could lead to difficulties in the sale process. Alongside proof of ownership, box and papers often ID specific numbers which dealers and buyers will match to verify the watch’s authenticity.
4. Easy Resale
If you have the box and papers for your luxury watch, you are well-positioned to sell it in the future. Assuming you take excellent care of the watch and keep the documents in pristine condition, a reseller could exclusively affix an extraordinary price to it, which is an enticing selling point for buyers who may later resell.

Overall, having the box and papers of your luxury watch will significantly increase its value when it comes to reselling or trading it in the future. Forbes states that owners could see up to 20% more on a possible resale. Always make sure to keep the box and papers in a safe place immediately after purchasing your watch or reach out to the manufacturer to obtain the original box and papers as they might be misplaced. That way, it won’t be painful reselling or trading the watch when it is time to let it go.

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