The U-BOAT creation is a story of inspiration, style and creativity.
Ilvo Fontana received a prestigious commission from the Italian Navy to design and build a new model of watch for its pilots in 1942. This challenge meant satisfying the high quality standards of the Navy and respecting very precise technical specifications guaranteeing maximum visibility and reliability in any light and weather conditions. In 2000, Italo Fontana, Ilvo’s grandson, discovered these precious designs, which were to become his source of inspiration for the creation and commercialization of the brand and his new dimension in time with U-BOAT.
Every piece is a unique work guaranteed by the finest Italian craftsmanship, engineering and finishing. Their appearance is tough exuding an impression of power appropriate to the brand name, U-BOAT. All the U-BOAT watches are distinctive for their large dial and crown wheel on the left-hand side of the watch, and many of them for their technical specifications that enable them to survive the most extreme conditions.

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